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Our Purpose

Power up

What is our purpose?

We empower people
to rediscover
all the emotions of sound

Why is it important?

This statement is the reason we exist and the reason we do what we do. It is what motivates us and guides us in our day-to-day work and allows us to explore new innovations, new horizons and new opportunities for the business, our customers and each other.

That means

We guide customers in a journey of empowerment. A journey that means they can rediscover something they have lost – making it possible for them to, once again, enjoy life through the emotions of sound.

You said

“Helping people to hear better is a purpose that is easy to feel passionate about. This is definitely true of all Amplifon employees.”
“I am proud to work at Amplifon because we are giving the gift of hearing, and our company prides itself on being honest and accountable.”
“Working at Amplifon means that everybody, not only hearing care professionals, is working with one common goal: bringing sound back to our customers.”
“It is very inspiring to work for a company with a clear vision and the goal to continue on a path of growth and success.”