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We are at a pivotal moment in the Amplifon journey. We are sharing our Corporate Culture – the essence of who we are as One Company.
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Whatever our role and wherever we are in the world, as the leading hearing healthcare, we are dedicated to changing the lives of our customers so they are empowered to rediscover all the emotions of sound. Since being founded in 1950, we have innovated, grown, and spread our hearing healthcare expertise around the globe.

The world is changing, our business has evolved, and our customers are changing too. And we must follow suit. To strengthen our industry-leading position, continue to outperform our competitors and succeed in the future, we have embarked on a journey to highlight exactly who we are as One Company – making our vision for the business and each of us as individuals clear.


Our Corporate Culture is unique to us because no one else has our people, passion and commitment towards superior care.

To define it, we undertook a huge research project to understand who we are and who we wish to become. That journey involved reaching out to our people through an online survey ran in February 2017 and various focus groups.

The result? As One Company, we are passionate about helping people and driven to do even more. And our Corporate Culture shows just that – outlining our ambitious strategy of how we will grow our business and continue to change the lives of millions of people around the world.


Our Corporate Culture is made up of four key parts


Our Purpose

Why we exist

Our Mission

What we aim to achieve


Our Values

What we believe and
the behaviours that guide us

Our Leadership Model

Which competences make us succeed and which ones do we need to develop