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"Nurturing growth, embracing change and thinking forward is a key to success. I am excited for what a future with Amplifon holds."


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My name is Patrick Rydon and I currently work as an Audiologist for National Hearing Care in Melbourne, Australia. My day-to-day responsibilities involve taking appointments for clients for diagnosis of hearing loss, management of rehabilitation through the use of hearing devices, making adjustments to hearing devices, troubleshooting, support and counselling. I also frequently involve myself in spreading hearing health awareness amongst the public and other medical professionals, assisting in the development of training protocol and supervising and mentoring intern audiologists.

The reason I initially chose to work here over other providers was the culture demonstrated and the personal connection my interviewers and future leaders formed with me at an early stage. This supportive culture and the feeling of community and family continues to be displayed on a day-to-day basis and I am grateful for being able to come to work within such an organisation.

I demonstrate forward thinking in several ways, including the way I attend to my customers and the way I encourage growth in my clinic. My customers and their loved ones always leave appointments, particularly their initial assessments, with a clear idea of how hearing devices are going to benefit them in the long term. They understand what they need to do and have a program developed for them for the coming months to ensure they are able to acclimatise to and use and benefit from their devices.

An example of a time that a big change was looming was when my clinic was migrating to the new FOX system. I am never reluctant towards change, but I admit I was nervous of how the initial time using brand new software would affect my time with customers. In the end, I embraced the training offered, maintained positivity towards the change, always contacted for assistance when required and found that the transition was an easy one. I now find this new system to be a much needed improvement with an integrated and friendly interface.

I am excited for what the future will look like with National Hearing Care and Amplifon and cannot wait to take the next step with them.

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They said

"I am nominating Patrick for his forward thinking. Patrick has simultaneously played the role of a friend and mentor for many of his intern audiologists and colleagues through times of hardship. He most recently provided a colleague with on going guidance and support while they faced a difficult time in their work place which was also reflected in their home life. Patrick allocated time on a daily basis to check in with his colleague and suggested they make an action plan to assist the colleague in over coming and moving forward from this obstacle. Within a month, Patrick's colleague was in a much better place. This result stemmed from Patrick's refined ability to be innovative and thinking progressively in difficult times of conflict."
"Patrick was my supervisor during my intern year. One of the most important things he passed on to me was to take on board every opportunity and challenge that comes your way. Patrick has been involved with many projects throughout his time in National Hearing Care. Last year, he spent some time in Milan at the Amplifon headquarters as he was chosen to speak to the Charles Holland winners as he himself won the award for a clinic in regional Victoria. He recently took part in the Green Compass program in Ashridge with other audiologists from all around the world. He has developed into an incredible mentor and leader and brings so much to the company and industry. Patrick welcomes change and challenges with a positive and optimistic attitude and I am so grateful that I was able to learn from him."

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