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"Never give up, every little counts!"


Associate Director Region Nord




Hi everyone, my name is Paolo Ciannamea and I’m Associate Director Region Nord. I’m responsible for the Area Manager team in Region Nord, I help them make the right choices and achieve their business goals.
In my view, Amplifon is the right mix between competencies, meritocracy, focus on results and engagement.
I’ve been working at Amplifon for the past 27 years and I have lived through a lot of extraordinary moments but the moment I’ll never forget is when I became an Area Manager. That gave me the opportunity to live and work putting even more energy in!
In my daily work I try to make the difference by applying the highest standards, having the right vision and embracing changes with great energy and a focus on results.
The most important thing is to create a good team, a high performing team that feels connected to the values and the mission of the Company, because without these everything would be harder!
My motto is: Never give up, in the end every little counts!



"Paolo is full of energy and positive vibes, he’s a leader. He’s able to describe our goals in a very rational way but at the same time he engages people by making them focus on their passion. "
"Paolo is a volcano of ideas and positive energy; you can easily feel his passion and he’s really inspiring for everyone in the stores and in the HQ."
"Paolo personifies the extra mile concept, he’s the concrete example of how the will and the ability of doing our best could help us to get over every obstacle and reach extraordinary outcomes."

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