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"Amplifon means to discover our customers’ needs, using the best resources and knowledge to reach their expectations while taking care of them."


Hearing Care Professional


Acting Responsibly


I love working with honesty and respect so that it can be reflected to our customers, our teams and our company; be very open minded to changes and new tools that we are provided with. I also like not to hide my weaknesses and ask for help; while I propose my own initiatives, and make my voice be heard. This is what really makes me grow.

"Paco is the most accurate representation of this value since he has been chosen to represent Amplifon in Equatorial Guinea and help to adjust hearing care solutions and train the inhabitants of the area to make them autonomous. Anyway, he is always going a little bit further and during that project he over performed in a way that the NGO has requested him to keep travelling as the Amplifon representation. Having the chance to offer such opportunities engages our employees and reflects our honesty and responsibility in both personal and professional areas. "
"Paco is one of the greatest professionals I have had the chance to work with. He stands out for his willingness to help and has teamwork skills and generate a positive environment in which he can develop himself as an individual. And this is what makes him special up to the point that he is a Club Excellence member. For instance, when there is a huge amount of work to do, he is always ready to help the Client Advisor of his shop. He is also highly customer and service oriented. Paco is one of the top performers in Iberia in terms of customer satisfaction because he treats them as if they were of his own family and so he treats them. From the very first moment that they come in the shop, he behaves very closely with them, until they leave that he walks them to the door."

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