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“I always strive to act according to the words that every interaction you have is an opportunity to make a positive impact on others.”


Area Manager


Personal Imapct


As Area Manager, I am responsible for the success of the employees in my area.
The working culture that I experience and pass on is trusting, purposeful and customer-oriented.
My personal highlights at Amplifon were the laudation and the presentation of the award of best customer advisor (Germany) at the annual Amplifon Conference in Germany. In addition, I will always have a very positive memory of my participation in the Green and Blue Compass programs in Italy and England.
I experience my personal contribution every day in close cooperation with my colleagues in the area. I give my employees the highest attention. A continuous exchange motivates and encourages them to develop their abilities. Only by this the company will achieve its goals. For me it is the proof of the importance of my personal commitment.
Furthermore, I am proud to welcome new team members to my area, knowing they have found their way to Amplifon via the career website I have helped to develop. This website is today a role model for all career pages of Amplifon worldwide.

"Based on her diverse experiences Nicola takes all relevant aspects into account to always make correct and sustainable decisions for our common success."
"Nicola cultivates an exemplary social interaction with her employees, characterized by a very high degree of empathy and commitment."

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