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"Working with Amplifon means that I am part of a strategic market leader with an inclusive organisational culture. The more I put into my work and the business, the more I get out of it - not just financially, but educationally. "


Senior Hearing Care Professional


Gympie, Queensland

I feel that the secret to be able to keep standards high is to leave what’s happening in life outside the clinic at the door when you walk in. Then, to see each person that walks into my office as an individual – they are just as important as the previous person and deserve the same amount of quality time. Asking the right questions is imperative and really listening to the clients responses, and write things down to ensure that the client leaves the clinic with all issues addressed. A specific example I can use is last year when I had a major personal relationship breakdown. A client relocated from another provider and attended NHC for the first time. When he left the clinic he said to me that I was the most thorough audiologist that he had even seen – and he had been wearing hearing aids for more than 10 years!


"Lynda ensures she provides a gold standard service to each and every client that she sees. Regardless of how busy Lynda’s schedule is, paperwork to complete or other tasks she needs to attend to, she ensures that her customer is her number one priority and provides excellence in her client care. Lynda often uses her own time and resources to go the extra mile to ensure her clients have all their needs attended to."
"Lynda Reid and myself have worked together in the Noosa Heads Clinic. Lynda is consistently providing service beyond what is required for her clients, and this shows with multiple nominations in our monthly Inspire newsletters. Her passion grew stronger after we all participated in the Inspire Gold Standard training, when it was obvious that she understood clients and colleagues better because she understood herself more."

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