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"What could be nicer than satisfied customers with two hearing aids and a big smile on their faces."


Profit Center Manager/Hearing Care Professional


Everyday excellence


Continuously achieving the best performance requires 100% passion. Personally, I do not like half-heartedness, and my ambition is to do everything right. It’s like in sports – I have to “feel” my team, promote and recognise its best sides and thus fuel its passion. If the customer can feel our commitment and the overall positivity in the store, we have won them over. We always aim high and take on full responsibility. With Amplifon 360 we have an instrument that allows customers to discover all the qualities of possible hearing solutions. What could be nicer than satisfied and thankful customers with two hearing aids and a big smile on their faces.

Hear this. Listen to Léonie's story.

They said

"Because Léonie always gives 100% and is always supporting her team."
"Because Léonie always achieves her objectives and never gives up."
"Because Léonie has already won the CHA three times due to her great engagement."

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