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"I always have the customer in mind. If my work is serious and of high quality, the work atmosphere will be pleasant, and the word of mouth will be positive."


Hearing Care Professional


Customer Devotion

Versailles et Sèvres

I am an audiologist specialised in tinnitus and working in Versailles and Sèvres. I am happy to work at Amplifon for the work atmosphere which combines seriousness and letting go and for the management which allows rapid career changes.

I am particularly proud of the start of my career and the trust that Amplifon has shown me. My evolution at Amplifon is marked by the opening of two stores (Sèvres and Versailles), then by a specialisation in tinnitus and more recently in a managerial training at Centrale Paris which gave me further chances to grow.

I think I have earned that trust thanks to my strong personal investment that has enabled me to overcome many obstacles and my personal touch that makes the customer experience in my stores unique. I regularly go the extra mile to “spoil” my customers. I want them to feel at home when they come in our stores. Besides receiving clients outside of office hours, I try to regularly brighten their day by inviting them in for a chat and a piece of Amplifon Cake: Christmas, Epiphany, Cupcakes, Crêpes… This allows us to have great pictures of relaxed customers and their treats!

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"Clément is always available to help us with our different projects in his free time. He is always concerned about his customers and the development of his center. I find the idea of Amplifon goodies and cakes remarkable! "
"Clément was the only audiologist willing to give up some of his free time to help us recruit during an employment fair on a Sunday! "

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